Friday, May 31, 2019

The Marching Band!
May 28-31 
There are numerous instruments played within a marching band, as well as countless hours having practiced synchronized, choreographed marching while dressed in matching uniforms.  For our final week of music classes to finish off the 2018-2019 school year, the children had fun learning about the marching band!  We had a very special guest come to Joyful Noise this week, Miss Laurel, who took the time to practice and play special children's songs on her very own French horn.  From middle school marching band all the way through college, and for a multitude of occasions she has played this brass wind instrument beautifully.  She was truly kind to let the kiddos explore the French horn and gave them a helpful lesson about every one of its functions. 
We were also able to view a short video of a talented marching band performance.  Finally, they practiced the hand cymbals, the correct placement of fingers to play the trumpet, and also played drums with mallets.  We finished class with a fun little marching band session of our own!

Two's Age Group  


Three's Age Group

Toddler's Age Group 



Thank you for allowing me to teach your wonderful kiddos the gift of music!
~~~ Miss Christie