Thursday, April 19, 2018

Week of April 16th, 2018

Lenni Lanape (Delaware) Tribe and 
Native American Dance

The children were very interested this week to learn all about the Lenni Lanape (or Deleware) Tribe, hailing from the region of North Ameria now known as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Deleware!

We learned that the Lenni Lanape did NOT live in tepees, but actually lived in wigwams, and we saw some very neat picture examples of them. We also looked at traditional dress--often, beaded feather headbands (rather than head dresses) and cloth-bound braids for women. We also learned that the Lenni Lanape made moccasins of deerskin, and were farmers of many crops as well as some livestock.

One of the important things we learned about was how important storytelling is to Native American culture. We also defined and investigated the word "culture" and what that means. We touched on the important topic of hardship that Native Americans have endured (and still do) but most of our time was spent marveling over the awesome culture and musical heritage that many tribes have to offer. Check out the amazing Lakota eagle dance below, which was the inspiration for our very own eagle dance ceremony! 


1) What type of structure did the Lenni Lanape tribe live in? It wasn't a tepee/ was a wig-wam!

2) Tell me about dancing with eagle feathers!